• Open plan properties are highly sought after in the London property market.
  • Combined living, cooking and dining spaces give homeowners more flexibility and freedom.

Open plan interiors are the latest word in style, and are highly sought after by those who are keen to buy property in London. However, for sellers who are keen to maximise their opportunities in the London property market, there are some definite pitfalls to avoid when converting their home to an open plan layout.

Making the most of an open plan property may not be as easy as expected, but sellers who follow these helpful tips are sure to impress potential buyers.

Practical yet stylish – the popularity of open plan interiors in the London housing market

Buyers in London are always on the lookout for fashionable and attractive properties that make the most of their floor plan. Open plan living areas can maximise the space available for entertaining, relaxing, dining and cooking, making for a more pleasant home environment with a strong social feel.

Jay Yehia, Henry Wiltshire estate agent in Royal Docks, has seen a huge increase in demand for open plan apartments in recent years. “Many of the recent developments in E16 have been designed specifically with open plan living spaces as modern buyers are demanding the flexibility and versatility that this floor plan offers. With complete freedom to move fluidly between seating, dining and kitchen areas, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of a more sociable living experience.”

Defining areas in an open plan room

Spaces can easily be defined using furniture or colour schemes.

The danger in any open plan space is that it can become confused and cluttered, without any organisation or set purpose. With only one large area to accommodate several rooms’ worth of furniture, it can be tempting to allow confusion to reign supreme, and the result can be less than appealing.

The key to a successful open plan home is to create zones designed to accommodate specific activities, and these areas can be demarcated in a number of ways – perhaps through the clever use of furniture, by using unified colour schemes, or by laying rugs to define the use of a space.

Decorating an open plan property to appeal to those who want to buy in London

There are many excellent ways to decorate an open plan space, however one of the most tried and tested ways is to opt for a neutral of soft white décor with furnishings in a similar palette for both dining and living zones.

One of the best features of an open plan space is that homeowners can experiment freely with designs that would be considered over-sized in a standard room. Statement furniture pieces, dramatic wall art, large-scale patterns on textiles and eye-catching rugs all work well.

Using furniture in a clever way also adds more appeal to an open plan room. Pieces which have both concealed storage and open shelves allow for the display of accessories and books while being able to hide away less attractive items. Floor-to-ceiling furniture, modular sofas and sleek contemporary pieces also lend themselves well to the modern theme of this type of floor plan.

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