Making E14 Home – Why the Isle of Dogs is a great place to live

03 October 2018

With DLR and the extended Jubilee line on the doorstep this location is great for commuters. The area that is a great place to live for more than young singletons or couples however. Money has been pumped into schooling in the area. There is also a beautiful park, a very large working farm and great community spirit. It has now evolved into a place that more and more families are calling home.

Our team in Canary Wharf look at what … Read more ›

How would rent controls affect tenants in SW8 and across London?

14 September 2018

With tenants forking out huge sums for rentals in London, our Nine Elms office has been looking at a claim that ‘Sky-high London rents are costing families an extra £300 a month.’ 

With Landlord’s claiming Labour’s policy would ”stifle investment” and tenants crying out for rent controls, who, if anyone, is talking any sense?

London rental property shortage – Rising rents predicted by Rics

23 August 2018

RICS new survey has confirmed what our lettings team at Henry Wiltshire Nine Elms has noticed over the last number of months.
New landlord instructions are falling month on month. As the supply of rental properties lessens it is predicted to push rents up by 15% in the coming five years.
What does this mean for our young renting population?

Jubilee Line Savings – where to rent if you work in Canary Wharf

08 August 2018

The Jubilee line has great connections into all parts of London city. If you work in Canary Wharf it is a big advantage to have it at your disposal.
Our lettings agents in Henry Wiltshire Canary Wharf have looked at how the prices can differ along the route in order to balance your budget on a monthly basis.
Ultimately, are you willing to pay for those extra minutes in bed? Those coffee shops at your disposal? Not everybody has that … Read more ›