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    Bolu is one of the greenest cities in the Western Black Sea Region, with various kinds of trees in rich forests that cover 55% of its total area. Zonguldak surrounds it in the north, Düzce in the west, Çankırı in the east and Ankara in the south. It has a cold, snowy, and humid climate, showing the characteristics of both the continental and Black Sea climates. Its rivers and lakes garnish its beautiful valleys and green zones and attract thousands of locals as well as tourists every year for nature retreat or winter sports. Yedigöller (Seven Lakes) National Park, Abant Lake, Gölcük Lake and Kartalkaya Ski Center are the most popular zones to spend holidays. Moreover, its regional food and cooks have a well-deserved fame all across the country. The mid-sized population of the city, which is around 300.000 increase with the students of the Bolu İzzet Baysal University and locals from surrounding regions, who come for shopping and other activities throughout all year. Every Monday, a public bazaar opens at the center, offering fresh vegetables and fruits as well as various regional handcrafts. The cultural festivals are also very popular among the region. The Silk Way Culture and Arts Festival in Mudurnu, Izzet Baysal Gratitude Days in the city center, Köroğlu Highland Festival, which is also home to wrestling competitions and the Cooking Festival in Mengen are the most preferred festivals to attend. Its nature, authentic districts and the calm atmosphere make Bolu a must-visit place.

    History and Culture

    The long history of the city goes back to the ancient Phrygians and the Bithynians, which came here in 800 B.C. During the Bithynian period, it was the main settlement area by the name of Kienos. During the Roman period, the Emperor Claudius named it Claudiopolis. The Turkmens, who started to settle in the area after the 11th Century, changed its name to Bolu. The examples of the ancient houses belonging to the early civilizations can be seen in the Seben and Solaklar Rock Houses. The city was conquered by the Ottomans in the 13th century and governed as an autonomous city after that. One of the most important architectures of the Ottoman period is the Grand Mosque, which was commissioned by Yıldırım Bayezid in the 14th century, and was renovated in the 19th century after it was destroyed by a big fire. The mosque is located on Atatürk Boulevard, where one can also find Kadı Mosque, which was built in the 15th century. The shrines of the city make it attractive for religious tourism. The Tokadi Hayrettin Shrine is 13 km away from the city center and the shrine of Akşemseddin, the teacher of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, is in Göynük. The historical hammams of Orta Hammam in the city center, Süleyman Paşa Hammam in Göynük and Yıldırım Bayezid Hammam in Mudurnu also stand as beautiful architectural examples. The rich mineral water resources of the city offer health to many patients in Bolu Hotsprings, which is 5 km away from the center. Babas hotspring in Mudurnu, Çatak in Himmetoğlu Village and Bağlum in Kezenözü village are also visited for health purposes.

    Province Overview

    Country Turkey
    Geographical Region Western Black Sea
    Area 7,410 km2
    Population 281,080
    Population Density 36,54 person/km2
    Rural Population 99,467
    Urban Population 181,613

    Ankara - Istanbul section of TEM(Trans European Motorways) and D-100 highway passes through Bolu. Therefore accessing the province and the city itself from all around Turkey is very easy. Bolu bus terminal is only 1 km away from the city center.

    What to do in Bolu

    Visit Bolu Museum to see the artifacts belonging to the ancient settlements.

    Go for trekking and capture great photos around Abant Lake, Yedigöller, Mudurnu and Göynük Houses.

    Visit the natural Akkaya Travertines in Çepni village.

    Try Bolu soups, deserts and pastries.

    Ski in Kartalkaya and camp near the area.

    Attend a festival and witness folkloric dances and culture.

    Geothermals in Bolu

    Bolu is rich in thermal springs and therapeutic waters. Mountains surrounding the plains are densely populated with forests and this provides easily the enrichment of the soil leaking underground water layer. The water collected in the bottom of the faulted section is heated by the effect of hot gases from magma and bring to the surface some of the minerals along with it. In this case it consists of hot springs and mineral waters.

    Plenty of spas are 5 km from the city center, spa and surroundings are located in Karacasu a decent resting place covered with forests. There are three main facilities in the area for thermal tourism; a thermal hotel and a big spa, a small spa, and physiotherapy hospital of the Ministry of Health. These hot springs are good for rheumatism, skin, heart and circulatory system, respiratory system, gynecological, gastrointestinal tract, kidney and urinary tract, bone and calcification diseases, is good for metabolism.

    Bolu Karacasu Geothermals

    The most beautiful and the most advanced hot spring of Bolu is only 5 km from the city center, on the northern foothills of Mt. Aladağlar. These are the small and the big hot springs also used for picnic grounds. The hotel will be constructed in the place of these two hot springs. There is also a Physical Therapy Hospital next to the spa, which is connected with a smooth asphalt road to the city center.

    Evliya Çelebi mentioned the famous Bolu Thermal Springs in his renown book “Seyahatname”. The temperature of the hot springs is around 40-44 degrees Celsius. Iron and sulfur contained in the compound is good for sciatica, kidney, and skin diseases are known to be good for women.

    This spa has been used since the ancient times and there are more debris and traces indicating a higher number. In the future, the springs will possess much more value, as future plans indicate addition of new ones.

    Bağlum (Pavli) Thermal

    It is located in a valley, 14 km South of Seben. It has a small hotel and restaurant. In the summer, camping sites are favoured by tourists and locals Hot water is 75 degrees Celcius.

    Çatak Turkish Bath

    30 km away from the burnt villages near Çatak. Bath is domed. The drinkable water is rich in calcium bicarbonate. The temperature is 32 degrees Celcius.

    Thermal Sarot

    The thermal facility is located in Mudurnu Taşkesti, on Taşkesti - Adapazari road route. When used in drinking water, cures the urinary tract and kidney diseases, when used for bathing, it is good for rheumatism.

    Babas Hot Spring

    Located 5 km from Mudurnu, the springs stands out from the travertine. There is a facility with 18 beds. The spring water is good for metabolic diseases rheumatism, gynecological diseases. It gives a positive effect on digestive and kidney disorders.

    Akkaya Mineral Water

    Surfaces off of a cliff 6 km from Bolu. The temperature is 20 degrees Celcius and rich in carbonic acid. As the water surfaces, the gases in the water evaporates and lime structures are formed much like Pamukkale.

    Ömerler Mineral Water

    It is located on Bolu Abant road, and is 16 km from Bolu. Temperature is 14 degrees. Compound of calcium Bicarbonate, and magnesium. The radioactivity of 6.4. The water is good for stomach and kidney disorders.


    New project has been developed for historical Turkish bath and hotel property in Bolu’s Karacasu town. Total of 35.000 square meter land, hotel and historical Turkish bath are owned by local authority. New hotel project will include a renovated historical Turkish bath, social areas, 168 rooms for accommodation( 132 standard room and 36 duplexes), a meeting room for 306 participant and a large spa center, and will be in service of residents of Bolu province.

    New tourism project has been planned as 1 basement floor, 1 ground floor and 3 normal floors based on 3.182 square meter area.

    Total construction area : 17.123 sqm

    Standard floors : 128 standard rooms and 36 duplex rooms

    Ground floor : Lobby, Lobby Bar, Restaurant, Bar, Kitchen, Meeting rooms, Lounge

    Basement floor : VIP Spa, Men’s Spa, Women’s Spa, Fitness Center, Technical offices, prayer room, and technical rooms

    Tourism sector’s complexity and versatility has been taking into account whilst developing the project in order to take all necessary measurements with the intention of taking strategical decisions towards making the planned project a successful one.

    For detailed information about the complex, please contact us.

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