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Apartment for Sale

USD 97,000

Property Ref: HW_00P-161

Status: Available

  • 710 sq ft
    area sq ft

Why did Basın Ekspres Road become a popular area for investment?

The Turkish government is serious about expanding the business and commerce districts all around Istanbul, while undertaking a huge urban transformation. Basın Ekspres Road has been a very important link road connecting the only two main arteries of Istanbul's roads: E-5 mainroad and TEM Highway. With the addition of the third bosphorus bridge and the North Marmara Highway (Istanbul Ring), and Istanbul Grand Airport, Basın Ekspres Road has become much more important than it used to be, connecting all three highways, two international airports, as well as the coastal road that leads to Eurasia Tunnel.

In conjunction with the infrastructure improvements, the state decided to make use of this convenience. Basın Ekspres Road starts from the only exit of Ataturk International Airport, stretching through E-5 mainroad, TEM Highway, and finally joining the North Marmara Highway near Istanbul Grand Airport. To take advantage of the situation, the area around Basın Ekspres Road, especially the section between E-5 and TEM has been decleared a business and commerce district, with hotels, offices, shopping malls and residences being built, replacing old factories, warehouses, and industrial sites.

What's in it for me?

The development of the area is based on the proximity to Ataturk International Airport and Istanbul Grand Airport. The aim is to keep the international business trade and traffic as close to the airports as possible, while granting great ease of access to the area from all parts of Istanbul. As of now, there is a great competition among the developers and the investors alike, each one trying to secure the most profitable investment. The developers have turned the area into a showcase for their capabilities. Every developer is trying its best to construct its most advanced and modern project in Basın Ekspres area. The investors, on the other hand, are competing for the best units in the best projects, creating a never ending demand for the area, combined with families and locals moving to the projects. The area is still in its baby steps, but developing rapidly.

What makes this project better?

This ultra luxurious project is being constructed by a renown developer, and will be managed by a chain hotel brand. The services will be the quality of a 5 star hotel. 90% of the units are 1+1, with the rest being 1+1,5 and 1+2. This is because the project is aimed at the young and energetic businessman, international expats, and pilots of the airlines that operate from the two airports.

The future of the area is a commerce and business district, and public transport is among the first things to have in such places. The metro station for the line connecting Basın Ekspres Road to the rest of the city is literally passing under the project. There is a direct connection to the metro station from within the project, with a second reception dedicated to the metro entrance to the building.

All these considered, it is crystal clear that this was a project that has been planned ahead of time with the future of the whole Basın Ekspres district in mind. As proof of the point, 20% of the project stock has been sold even before the launch of the construction.

Hurry up to not miss this investment opportunity!

Internal features:

External features\advantages:

24\7 security services

3 minutes distance to Ataturk Airport


Right on TEM highway junction

Concierge services

Next to the metro station

Turkish bath, spa, sauna


Indoor\outdoor swimming pools

Private Carparks.

Delivery Date: September 2018

Property types: 1+1, 1.5+1, 2+1

Location: Güneşli, Istanbul

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