• Buyers can view properties in their own time, from anywhere in the world
  • Sellers can reach more potential buyers, not just those who have time to view the property in person
  • Free to both buyers and sellers; available through laptops and mobile devices

Virtual reality has lots of applications, from video games to memory stimulation. One of the latest VR advances allows property buyers to take a virtual tour of a flat or house, getting a sense of scale and understanding what the spaces would really be like to live in.

Henry Wiltshire has teamed up with Vieweet and their Smart Viewing platform, which offers virtual reality technology to the real estate industry. More and more of the properties for sale or rent now benefit from a virtual tour option, which comes at no extra cost to buyers, sellers, landlords or tenants.

What are the advantages of a virtual tour?

“This is the future of selling property, and it’s great that Henry Wiltshire has access to this cutting-edge technology”

Virtual tours are a great solution for overseas buyers who might not be able to visit the property in person. Overseas buyers can experience a complete tour of the property using the internet, with local staff available online at fixed times to conduct a virtual tour and explain the key features of the apartment.

“Using this new technology, we’re able to improve the way we connect our international clientele with our fantastic properties,” says Chris Galkowski, Head of Marketing and Advertising. “The teams in our overseas offices can also build up a more realistic picture of the property they’re selling or letting.  With virtual reality, properties become so much more than just floor plans and postcodes.

UK-based clients can benefit too, taking a tour without leaving their desks. No need to try and squeeze a property viewing into a lunch hour, or struggle to find a time that suits both you and your partner. With virtual reality, you can view the property in your own time – all you need is internet access.

Do buyers need their own virtual reality headsets?

No. People looking for homes to buy or rent can simply select the virtual tour option from the property page and use their smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer to navigate around the images of the apartment. For a more immersive experience, you can visit our Royal Docks office and use the Henry Wiltshire VR headsets to take a tour around some of our properties.

What happens during a Smart Viewing tour?

The Smart Viewing technology enables Henry Wiltshire to offer a virtual open house. At set times, our Royal Docks sales manager, Jas Samra, will be available online to guide potential buyers around newly available properties. Jas appears on a live web cam, and conducts the tour, highlighting key features and answering questions. These virtual open house events are available to an unlimited number of viewers at a time, but each viewer communicates directly with Jas, typing questions and comments which are hidden from others taking part in the tour.

We’re delighted to be able to offer vendors an additional channel to reach potential buyers, and offer buyers a new way of viewing property,” says Jas. “This is the future of selling houses and flats, and it’s great that Henry Wiltshire already has access to this cutting-edge technology.”

Smart Viewing tours, are currently available only via laptop or computer and are not yet enabled for tablets and smartphones. However, you can take a self-guided virtual tour of a property using either a computer or a mobile device.


For more information about using virtual reality to increase the visibility of your property, contact Jas Samra at the Royal Docks office on 020 3696 9616.

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