Make the most of your fireplace when selling property in London

05 February 2018

Many buyers in the London property market are looking for attractive period features in a potential home, and recent figures suggest that a fireplace in the main room can increase the selling price by up to 5%. Providing a focal point and adding the property’s character, a fireplace is an asset to your London property which you should make the most of when preparing to sell.

Selling houses in London – should you choose the agent with cheapest fees?

19 January 2018

Most people selling property in London and the rest of the UK choose their estate agent carefully, and usually base their decision on the agent’s fees and valuation.

Some estate agents are trying to undercut the competition by offering staggeringly low rates, sometimes as low as 0.05%. While this rate seems attractive, it can often be a false economy that leaves sellers seriously out of pocket.

Why London house sales fall through, and how to make sure yours doesn’t

16 January 2018

Many people buying and selling property in London and the rest of the UK worry about the possibility of their house transaction falling through.

The main causes of sales falling through are survey results and long chains, but these issues can usually be avoided if you choose an experienced estate agent and you’re prepared to compromise on minor issues.

Discreet property marketing – is it the best way to sell a house in East London?

04 January 2018

Discreet marketing is one of the latest trends in selling houses, but it’s not always effective in a fast-paced property market like London.

Henry Wiltshire’s estate agents find that contacting potential buyers directly can lead to a sale, but it’s important to advertise a property more widely to connect with as many house-hunters as possible.