London property prices dipped by 3.1% in August

13 September 2018

UK Property prices have dipped an overall 2.3% last month according to the House Price Index. London has been the worst hit with a 3.1% drop.

Our Nine Elms agents have been looking at what the figures mean for buyers and sellers in the London market.

Tough punishment for money laundering in the London property market

03 September 2018

Our team at Henry Wiltshire, Hayes Office has welcomed the tough new legislation recently put forward. Indeed this legislation is the latest and toughest crackdown on criminals using property purchases to launder money. A new public register is exactly what is needed to fight this illegal activity.

How long does it takes to save for a deposit for property in Stratford?

28 August 2018

Stratford and its surrounding areas have become popular and vibrant areas for residents. This has resulted in property prices having increased rapidly over the last 10 years and the prices in E15 are very similar to those in the capital. Find out how long recent statistics say it takes to save for a deposit.

London rental property shortage – Rising rents predicted by Rics

23 August 2018

RICS new survey has confirmed what our lettings team at Henry Wiltshire Nine Elms has noticed over the last number of months.
New landlord instructions are falling month on month. As the supply of rental properties lessens it is predicted to push rents up by 15% in the coming five years.
What does this mean for our young renting population?