How to make the most of open plan spaces when letting or selling property in London

17 May 2021

Now that Covid restrictions are easing and we are looking forward to socialising again, open plan living is ideal for entertaining friends and family.

Open plan flats and studio apartments are a popular choice for buyers in the London property market, and make up a significant portion of many new developments. Read on to see how to make the most of open plan spaces.

The advantages of using a professional property management company

22 April 2021

While you could look after your rental property yourself, there is a lot more involved nowadays in renting out a property than you might think. From dealing with tenants, regulatory requirements and maintenance issues, it can all become too much very quickly.

A property management company brings knowledge, experience and resources to looking after your property and can help ensure you get both value and peace of mind in managing your investment.

Find out more about the benefits of using a professional … Read more ›

What is a property management company and can anyone use one?

30 March 2021

You might have heard of the term ‘property management company’ but were not sure what it is or thought they’re only used by large property investors or for whole apartment blocks.

In reality they can used by anyone to manage their property, whether it’s a one-bed flat, a high-rise apartment block or a commercial building. Find out more about what a property management company can do for you.

High demand for Canary Wharf property as workers reconsider commuting during the pandemic

25 February 2021

With more people working from home, it might be expected that people would move away from the centre of London, but there is actually an increasing trend for living within walking distance of the office for those who would prefer to limit their commute.

Our Canary Wharf estate agents look at this effect of the pandemic on the property market.

Good news for landlords – rental yields are up in East London

25 February 2020

The housing market in East London is thriving over the last number of years. Investing in property in East London has become more accessible and exciting.

Our team of estate agents in Royal Docks want to highlight some of the areas they think will be great places investing in buy-to-let property in East London in 2020.