Changes to mortgage rates – what this means for the London property market

23 October 2017

The Bank of England is expected to increase its rate for the first time in a decade, and mortgage rates are already climbing in anticipation. However, there are still some low rates available, and wise investors and London house buyers are moving quickly to ensure they benefit from the remaining deals.

The value of trees in the London housing market

19 October 2017

Buying a property in an area with trees can deliver a good return on your investment, not just on the property but on the amount spent on maintaining the trees. Equally, trees have a positive environmental impact and increase biodiversity, and the value of the benefit to health is thought to run to thousands of pounds.

Help to Buy ISAs – how have they helped the London property market?

27 September 2017

Help to Buy ISAs were created in 2015 to support first time buyers. They’ve made buying property in London a realistic option, with over 1000 homes bought through the scheme in under two years.

See why Henry Wiltshires estate agents in London feel positive about the scheme.