Pockets of Growth in East London as House Prices Double

30 April 2018

Thanks to the development of a new rail network in east London, Redbridge is a place worth investing with house prices doubling in the past twelve months.

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Renting property in London – what happens when one tenant wants to move out?

12 February 2018

When there is more than one tenant named on the tenancy agreement, problems can arise when one of the tenants chooses to move out before the end of the contract. If the tenant simply leaves, they are still responsible for their share of the rent. Fortunately, if correct notice is given, it is possible to draw up new tenancy agreements and avoid breaches of contract.

Make the most of your fireplace when selling property in London

05 February 2018

Many buyers in the London property market are looking for attractive period features in a potential home, and recent figures suggest that a fireplace in the main room can increase the selling price by up to 5%. Providing a focal point and adding the property’s character, a fireplace is an asset to your London property which you should make the most of when preparing to sell.

Invest in property near London City Airport in E16 and Royal Docks

01 February 2018

London City Airport plays an important role in the East London property market. The airport attracts frequent fliers to choose homes in the Royal Docks area, so they can easily travel abroad for both work commitments and holidays, while still living near to where they work.

Tips for saving for a deposit when you’re buying property in London

29 January 2018

Saving for a deposit to buy a house in Hayes or anywhere else in London can seem like a daunting prospect, but by choosing a savings account with a good rate of interest, you will impress mortgage lenders and gradually build up the right amount of money.

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